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Top 10 OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 1 White Black Red Shoes

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For over a week we have leaked the latest New Jordans 2017 model from Jordan Brand - time for official info! JB officially unveiled the latest Air Jordan 32 - a model that re-inspired the AJ31 from its predecessor 30 years ago - Air Jordan 2. The 1987 model broke some conventions - lack of Swoosh on the side of the shoe, snake skin motif, High quality leather in Italy - such treatments were something new at that time. Okay, but what is JB offering us at AJ32?The sole is covered by two Zoom Air cushions - in the front and under the heel, surrounded by a ​​plate which should give us even more springiness.After these two pairs, the Jordan 'cold gray' are more rare. A spacing of outlets that help maximize their value. číst dál
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The brand New Jordans 2017 has been made in collaboration

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After the recent Air Jordans 2018 leaks, it was time for a photo of the shoe in full glory on each side. There have been comments lately, or maybe it's not the Melo M14, as Anthony was last seen, but looking at these references to Air Jordan 2, "XXX" (and probably two more on the insert) He cuts speculation. From a technological point of view what do we see here? The front of the shoe is a woven material and the back of the shoe is skin. In the soles we can see the FlightSpeed plates (carbon is? Just the graphics on it?) And probably two Zoom Air cushions under the heel and the front.Jordan Brand designers combined only two colors, namely white with navy blue. The bottom of the sole is a shade of gray. The curious feature of this project is the lack of Elephant Print pattern that you call out to be seen ahead and enough. It was replaced with delicate texture panels. číst dál
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New Jordans 2017 Shoes are already a big hit

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The New Jordans 2017 theme is recurring at the Jumpman brand. The most emblematic gray basketball of the collection remains the AJ11 of 2001 (the PSNY as well as the Kaws do not get too bad either). A collector to whom the Air Jordan 8 Retro gray suede pays tribute. It puts an end to a month of August animated by the restock of the Royal Blue and Space Jam without forgetting the re-edition of the red and black basketball showing a cat's eye. The comeback promises to be heavy with 2 big Jordan 5 which we will speak in a few days. číst dál
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Nike will release latest New Jordans 2017 shoes

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New Jordans 2017 has done more than just basketball over the past 30 years. Branching off from the signature Air Jordan came the Jumpman series, the Jordan Team line, the infamous Trunner series (that I still love for some odd reason) and plenty of others.“Thirty years ago, that’s me,” Mike said of Russ in 2016. Compare Swoosh, you will see that it is obvious. By the way, know that the new Royal Blue does not open the festivities alone since a Jordan XXXI paying homage to him accompanies. We do not have information on the stock but in general, this coloring is rather limited. Before Air Jordans, there were no signature shoes – just sponsorships. Before Air Jordans, NBA shoes had to be one color. Can you imagine that today? číst dál
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Have a great selection of New Jordans 2017

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The New Jordans 2017 shoe takes non-traditionally named colors like River Rock (olive green) and Dark Stucco (the gum color on the sole) and blends them with a white midsole and Jumpman logo.With a simple layout and construction, the Authentic is a sleek low top that boasts an effortless style. The beauty of them is that when they do receive an update or a twist that becomes the focal point and creates a truly unique appeal. The entire design has been thoroughly considered with tonal stitching creating a slick look. Subtle touches of Gum also feature on the Vans branding which emphasises the colour and creates a refined style. číst dál
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This month will bring us a brand new jordans 2017 Shoes

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The genius of New Jordans 2017’s marketing is not limited to leveraging big news stories. It appears every day in the sports sections of newspapers, blogs, and TV coverage of sporting events as the Nike swoosh is prominently displayed on uniforms and sports gear. The location of the swoosh for maximum exposure enables the brand to be continuously etched into the brains of anyone that witnesses the events or sees the replays and news coverage. The more that people see the logo associated with successful athletes, such as Michael Jordan, the more comfortable they are buying the products that use the same brand identifiers. číst dál
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Do you want to have the opportunity to see this new jordans 2017?

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New Jordans 2017 is generalizing, so although the pins do not want to hammer, for a moment - forgive me - I will be a bit nasty. As I mentioned, dresses used to come from fun, interest, what we did and not what we liked. Our tastes were not shaped by anyone on the screen of the tablet, a domineering guy dressed in inward-looking clothes. Our hero, who scored the points, scored goals. The hairstyles of the famous football players were copied because they scored goals in the finals of the World Cup, defended the colors of their club with blood on the shirt. They jumped high in the victory gesture after the famous The Shoot - it was basketball and Michael Jordan in 1989 against the Cleveland Cavaliers. číst dál
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Air Jordan 5 Retro 'White Cement' will be to debut soon

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We have half of 2017, New Jordans 2017 and there is already a lot of good news about what we will have in 2018! Suddenly yesterday I wrote about the return of AJ18 and the new AJ32, now is the time for next year's "thirty years"! As for one of the most classic releases ever made - AJ3 "Black Cement". Over the years for many people "must-have", by a group of people considered a point that just has to be in the collection, no matter what others say. At the moment, there is no confirmation yet that there will be a "Nike Air" logo on the heel, but since it was the case for the last "True Blue",... číst dál
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Get ready for constant the New Jordans 2017 shoes

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As the name hints, this New Jordans 2017 takes full advantage of Nike’s obsidian color, using it across the entire upper. Its construction consists of full grain leather, overlaid with nubuck suede along the breathable areas. Matching obsidian lining and laces have been applied. Color constrast is provided via crisp white midsole, followed by a translucent outsole.Jordan played in his final NBA game on April 16, 2003 in Philadelphia. Playing for the Washington Wizards and wearing the Air Jordan 18 “Sport Royal”. The GOAT headed to the bench with 4 minutes and 13 seconds remaining in the third quarter to a standing ovation from fans, officials, broadcasters and players. číst dál
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you can pick up the New Jordans 2017 at shops here

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New Jordans 2017’s are luxury goods, but one that isn’t exclusive to the wealthiest. The name Jordan it self is worth millions of dollars. At a civil trial focused on the market value of Michael Jordan’s identity, Jordan was awarded $8.9 million from Safeway for using his name in an advert without his permission. In 15 years, having earned the largest single season salary NBA history, Michael Jordan took in $94 million in cumulative playing salary, whilst hitting game winner after game winner.The collaboration is expected to drop in contrasting color options of black and white with complementary gold detailing throughout for an OVO touch. číst dál